Rideable Hexapod

Summer 2011

Over the summer of 2011, I welded and wired together a rideable hexapod based on designs by Rick Pantaleo. It’s built with a steel tubing frame (MIG welded), controlled by two drill trigger controllers, a found racing car seat, and powered by donated A123 lead acid replacement batteries with reused tennis balls for feet. I took it to two New York Maker Faires and let kids ride in it.

A video of a friend riding it:

(Video credit to Colin Parsons)

18 Servo Hexapod

Fall 2011

Inspired by videos of dancing hexapod competitions, I built an 18-servo hexapod and programmed it by myself. It was made of ABS plastic, 18 servos, an Arduino nano, and a Pololu serial controller. With Prof. Dan Frey’s permission, I substited this independent project for the normal coursework for Design and Manufacturing I.

A video of it walking (recommend muting due to background noise)

I wrote an Instructables about it which was featured and received over 44,000 views: Simple 18dof Hexapod, Arduino nano (optionally with pololu maestro).

The code may be found on Github.

An album of build pictures: 2.007 Hexapod (Spring 2011)

A retrospective blog post.

A video I made about the design process: